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New City Catechism

A joint adult and children's catechism consisting of 52 questions and answers adapted by Timothy Keller and Sam Shammas from the Reformation Catechisms.

New City Catechism iPad App — The New City Catechism app provides a set of fun, simple, and elegant tools for memorization. The app allows kids to track their progress and view kid-friendly versions of the catechism answers. It also allows adults to see rich, expanded content, and dig into the depths of each question and answer. Choose between NIV or ESV for Scripture text.

New City Catechism Website — Like the app, the New City Catechism website allows you to watch videos from contemporary preachers (e.g. Don Carson, Mark Dever, Timothy Keller, John Piper, etc.) exploring the catechism answers. Read a teaching from a historical preacher (e.g. Augustine, Edwards, Spurgeon, Wesley, etc.) for each question and answer and pray suggested historical prayers.

New City Catechism is a joint project between Redeemer Presbyterian Church & The Gospel Coalition.

Q1: What is our only hope in life and death?

That we are not our own but belong, body and soul, both in life and death, to God and to our Savior Jesus Christ.