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What is TGC Bay Area?

The Gospel Coalition | Bay Area exists to promote gospel-centered ministry in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Our aim is to serve church and ministry leaders by providing a hub in which diverse, but like-minded individuals can connect with one another, find resources, and be encouraged.

We are a group of churches, united across denominations by the Holy Spirit in gospel-centered doctrine and ministry, offering a compelling testimony to our watching communities. This is the fellowship and unity of purpose that The Gospel Coalition and its regional chapters seek to foster among church leaders. Every city needs more churches unified in the gospel, sharing a common theology and ministry philosophy, and willing to learn from each other. The goal is to help create physical friendships in a local area so as to more effectively identify challenges and solutions for gospel-centered ministry in a particular context--all to the glory of God.

We share in the beliefs outlined in the foundation documents of The Gospel Coalition. Click the link to watch a video about TGC and then read the documents to learn more about our vision for ministry.